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Samarya Yoga Teacher Training

The Samarya Yoga Teacher Training Practicum is the third and final component of the 200 Hour Samarya Yoga Teacher Training. During Practicum, students are engage in a process of self-inquiry and development of personal style through class observations and completion of observation worksheets in the Samarya Yoga Practicum Manual. Working through the manual, students explore key aspects of Samarya Yoga such as welcoming, radical inclusion, use of inclusive language, sharing of yoga and related philosophy, managing and sequencing classes, and how to use hands on instruction as appropriate. In addition to class observations, students will teach four or more classes for friends and family. Feedback forms are provided for the student to solicit commentary and kudos as they develop their unique teaching style. Practicum also includes optional monthly support conference calls with Samarya faculty to answer questions and provide feedback and encouragement.

The Samarya Yoga Teacher Training residential training is a pre-requisite for the Samarya Yoga Teacher Training Practicum, while the Samarya Yoga Foundations training may be completed before or during a student’s Samarya Yoga Teacher Training Practicum. The cost for Practicum enrollment is $180.

Please note: We reserve the right to change, edit or modify our program and/or fees at any time. Each student will be required to complete the practicum as it is defined at the start of their practicum, not as it may have been defined on their residential training.

Students wishing to apply for Samarya Yoga Mentorship and a designation of Certified Samarya Yoga teacher must complete the practicum within one year of the end of their two-week residential training. All students wishing to receive their 200 hour Yoga Alliance designation with The Samarya Center must complete the practicum within two years of completing residential training.


Important Details

Practicum enrollment occurs twice yearly, once in November, and once in May. You will be notified during your Residential Training of the exact dates for practicum enrollment.

In order to begin the practicum, the student must register and pay online one month prior to the beginning of the semester. As soon as you have registered and paid, you will receive a confirmation email, along with a PDF copy of the Practicum Packet, as well as a timeline for completion. Practicum registration is by semester only. Students may only enroll at the beginning of the semester, and must complete the program within the semester to avoid re-enrollment.

Certificates are sent out only twice per year, at the end of each semester. No certificate will be sent out at any other time. This certificate is required by Yoga Alliance in order to register with them as a 200 level yoga teacher.

Practicum will not be extended for any reason. Students who do not complete practicum within the semester they initially registered will have to register and pay again, at whatever rate is set at the time of next registration.

Students wishing to apply for Samarya Yoga Mentorship and certification must complete practicum within one year of their residential training.

Practicum must be completed within 2 years following the residential training in order to receive the 200 hour designation from Yoga Alliance through Samarya Yoga School.


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