the samarya center for humankind(ness)

A Proud History, An Enduring Community

The Samarya Center was founded in April 2001 as a wellness center dedicated to healing through the holistic view of Integrated Movement Therapy, a clinically sound therapy method rooted in the philosophy, practice and spirit of yoga. Over time, The Samarya Center grew to be a premiere training institute for Integrated Movement Therapy and Samarya Yoga, the unique yoga style that evolved out of the therapeutic model. It was the first non-profit yoga studio in Seattle, an institutional model for inclusion, diversity, social justice and personal transformation.

Samarya Today

On August 31, 2015, the Seattle studio of The Samarya Center closed its doors and the organization as we knew it ceased to exist, making way for a new and even more powerful and sustainable model. We are returning to our roots in IMT and training more people to spread the Samarya way through their own teaching, therapy and relationships in the world.

The work continues through:

We also celebrate the ongoing contributions of our diaspora of certified IMT practitioners, Samarya Yoga Teachers, and students. We maintain a dedication to fostering individual growth as a means to global transformation. We know that the state of yoga is the birthright of every individual and will continue to work individually and in collaboration to provide access to the practice and teachings of yoga to all people, regardless of perceived barriers.

Samarya’s former studio in Seattle is now occupied by Fusion Kung Fu and a number of Samarya Yoga Teachers continue to teach in the space. As our community settles into the transition, we look forward to updating this website with information on where to find all of your favorite teachers.

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