Molly Lannon Kenny, MS-CCC, E-RYT licensed speech-language pathologist and certified yoga instructor, has been a leading developer of programs to help people with life challenges for well over fifteen years. In her role as project supervisor at a large tenant support agency, Molly successfully re-structured several of her programs to promote greater independence and well being to the tenants in her care. While earning her Master’s Degree at The University of Washington, Molly pioneered a program to bring key players in the disabilities field to motivate students within the department to think outside of the box. As assistant to the department head, Molly earned a position with The Washington Assistive Technology Alliance in which she served as project manager, developing a network of advocacy organizations to bring assistive technology funding to The U.W.

Having received her degree in speech-language pathology, Molly was brought on as a lead clinician at Group Health Cooperative, Washington’s largest HMO. During her five years in both acute and on-going care programs at GHC, Molly created and headed multiple committees to streamline service delivery and developed several innovative programs to improve quality of care. She has been featured in The Seattle Times, the New York Times, the LA Times, Yoga Journal and in Seattle Magazine for her groundbreaking work with stroke survivors, and is well known and respected in the field for her work with head trauma population.

In partnership with researchers from The University of Washington, Molly has conducted several studies on the effects of yoga as therapy in specific disorders including depression and ADHD. She has been published in multiple editions of The International Journal of Yoga Therapy, and has been featured on MSNBC, NPR and the BBC.



In July 2000, Molly founded The Samarya Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing yoga based therapy to people of all ages and abilities. Integrated Movement Therapy®, the trademarked approach used at The Samarya Center, is the brainchild of Molly Lannon Kenny, combining her extensive clinical background with her knowledge and experience in yoga.

With more than fifteen years of direct experience in the disabilities field, as well as her extensive training in yoga, Molly has the background, tools and knowledge to successfully implement and oversee treatment of people with a wide range of challenges and in all age groups. In addition to using her trademarked therapy approach to promote positive change in the people that seek her services at her center, Molly volunteers her time to provide I.M.T. based yoga sessions to seniors, adults with significant life challenges, and homeless children. Through The Samarya Center, she also offers free community classes to the low-income population of the center’s neighborhood, and is on contract with Evergreen Hospice to provide bereavement services to children. Molly has been published in Yoga Therapy Today, The International Journal of Yoga Therapy and Yoga Journal and has been featured in Wisdom Magazine, Yoga Northwest, The New York Times and The Seattle Times for this highly effective, empirically sound approach.

Using her extensive clinical knowledge and experience in yoga based therapy; Molly developed a unique deck of yoga cards that have been available since fall of 2005. These cards come with a booklet describing the neuro-physiologic perspective of Integrated Movement Therapy®, with several fun games and activities linking cognitive, linguistic and motor output from the games with their specific correlations in the brain.


Molly’s mix of formal training and hands-on experience provides both empirical knowledge and a holistic approach; the most desired traits for people looking for an effective, compassionate therapist. She provides weekend and residential trainings both regionally and nationally, and is a featured speaker at University conferences nationwide, as well as on contract with the Kennedy Kreiger Institute, an affiliate of Johns Hopkins Medical Center. She provides highly competitive, intensive internships to therapists with Masters degrees in related fields. This training allows her interns to supplement their formal backgrounds to encompass the newer thinking of the current medical trend.

Molly holds an M.S. degree in speech-language pathology from the University of Washington, and a B.A. from Tufts University. She has studied yoga with many internationally renowned teachers and has completed an intensive Professional Yoga Therapy training. Following this training, Molly was invited to join the Integrative Yoga Therapy instructional team. She is past Vice President of the International Association of Yoga Therapists and was the chair of the committee charged with creating educational standards for the burgeoning field of Yoga Therapy. She is currently an advisor to the Yoga Service Council and has been a featured therapist multiple times in “Yoga Therapy in Practice.” She has been invited to present at The Kripalu Center on many occasions, and has been a featured presenter at their yoga teachers’ association conference, as well as at national and international conferences on Yoga Therapy. In 2008, she was invited to Tel Aviv, Israel to serve as the academic advisor to a yoga therapy program at Reidman College, Israel’s premiere alternative therapies school. She recently published a book on her work, and has been featured in several books by other authors, most recently in the book, Sharing Sadhana.

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