“The edge of the inside” – a month long series of classes with Molly, October 2019, Eastlake Yoga, Seattle

In this series of six classes, Molly will bring her wisdom, insight and experience to share the unique mapping and overlapping of the perennial tradition across very different, and yet ultimately, related knowledge streams.

Each of these classes can stand alone, and will also build on each other. Choose one or two, or commit to the whole package.

You are guaranteed to walk away from any of them with a greater understanding of the perennial tradition, a more open understanding of your own spiritual or religious tradition, and a radiant enthusiasm for community, shared humanity and deepening spiritual life.

All classes will be a mixture of asana, discussion, lecture, chanting and meditation. Click here to register and pay.

Tuesday, October 8, 7:30 – 9:30 pm: Developing Wisdom Presence through the four yogas

In this challenging time, many of us are wondering what we can do, and in particular how does our yoga practice inform or connect us to a deeper understanding of our presence and power. We know we “come to the mat” to collect ourselves, to reflect and recharge, but we don’t always understand our yoga practice as a spiritual and philosophical discipline that has much to offer us, especially in terms of learning how to self-reflect, to gain confidence and courage, and to truly see the ways in which we are inextricably linked, how collective liberation is a process of individual liberation.

In our collective effort to secularize yoga, we have often missed the opportunity for connection to divine presence, the very foundation for reflection and relationship through yoga. In this inspiring workshop, we will discover the transcendent heart of yoga as it is described in the Bhagavad Gita, and the ways in which we can deepen a sense of divinity in service to others through each of the four yogas.

In this powerful workshop, students will be invited into an exploration of Self, as well as offered several specific practices to increase their own sense of connectedness through contemplation, service, devotion and reflection.

Thursday, October 10, 6:30 – 8:30 pm: Life after Loss: Yoga and Grief and Loss

We live in a culture obsessed with individualism, a culture that denies death, a culture that is uncomfortable with suffering and values fixing, or doing, over simply being. Our yoga practice encourages us to become deeply interested in our interconnectedness, to understand and accept death, and to develop the skills and wisdom necessary to simply sit with discomfort and even pain. In a world so deeply filled with suffering, in a life in which death is an inevitable part, how do we as yoga teachers and students reconcile our practice with our prevailing culture? How can we offer true solace to those who are experiencing acute, intense grief? Join Molly Lannon Kenny as she talks us through the conundrum and offers years of experience, practical tools, and both encouragement and caveats for working with people in this most tender of human experiences.

Tuesday, October 15, 7:30 – 9:30 pm: Introduction to Bedside Yoga: Yoga and End of Life Care

As the general population is aging, many yoga students and teachers are finding themselves drawn to end of life care. We know in our own practice how we can use the teachings of yoga to prepare us for our own death, and may have thought about how we might emotionally and spiritually manage our own feelings in the face of death of people we know and love. But how do we offer these practices to those who are at the end of their own lives? How do we encourage gentle movement practices and share ideas and tools that will help them to heal into their own death? In this class, Molly Lannon Kenny, founder of Bedside Yoga (TM), will share her own experience with yoga at end of life and offer both practical tools as well as a framework of insight to inspire and encourage folks interested in this powerful and much needed work.

Thursday, October 17, 6:30 – 8:30 pm: Yoga, Vedanta and the Universal Christ

Many folks are afraid to practice or teach the spiritual –  and arguably the most important – aspects of yoga because they don’t want to proselytize or offend. Others are afraid that their yoga practice will conflict with their religion, and still others reject the religion of their childhood and turn to yoga as an idealized spiritual practice. And yet, at the mystical level, Yoga, Hinduism and Christianity map and complement one another beautifully. An understanding of this helps us to mature our practice and teaching and to gain an understanding and reverence for a variety of religious and spiritual practices. In this engaging and sweet class, Molly will orient the group to Christ consciousness and how it fits perfectly with yoga. We will follow with an all levels devotional yoga class that will incorporate aspects of yoga, Hinduism and Christianity.

Sunday, October 20, 1 – 5 pm: Basics of Thai Yoga – learn a 25 minute sequence you can offer right away!

Thai Yoga – sometimes called “lazy person’s yoga” is a beautiful, highly accessible technique that can be used with students, clients, family or friends. In this four hour workshop, students will learn the basics of compression, traction and manual manipulation in order to be able to offer a simple 45 minute sequence to anyone they care about! This is a gift that you can have with you anywhere, and an offering that, as you gain experience, is something you can offer to fellow students and retreatants – and maybe even make a little extra cash! (Molly offers these sessions on almost every training or retreat she attends at a cost of $60 per 45 minute session. Join us for this engaging and practical workshop and leave with the ability to offer these basic sessions right away!)

Tuesday, October 22, 7:30 – 9:30 pm: Yoga Therapy and Pranayama – using breath to access physical and spiritual healing and wholeness

Most yoga teachers and yoga therapists understand the power of breath and are keen to offer it as a tool for their students and clients, especially for anxiety, depression and pain conditions. But the breath is also a powerful connector to the true Self, and has been used as a metaphor for the Divine since the beginning of time. The word Ruach in Hebrew, or Pneuma in Greek, appear over 300 times in the bible. Both of these words have the meanings of “spirit, breath, and wind.” In this exciting and in depth class, we will explore how the practice of pranayama is, along with a tool for managing physical and emotional responses, also a practice to connect us directly with the divine. We will examine breath from the perspective of these mystic traditions, as well as its physiologic bases for managing stress and trauma.

$200 early registration fee for all 6 classes if paid in full by September 8. $250 after.

Classes can also be purchased separately. $30 for two hour classes, $100 for four hour workshop, if purchased by early registration date.

$40/$125 after September 8.

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