Fellowship application

Samarya Yoga Teacher Training Commitment to Financial Accessibility and Excellence
Fellowship Application

Samarya Yoga was born out of the dedication to making yoga accessible to as many people as possible. As part of this mission, we are deeply committed to increasing diversity in the yoga community, and creating a fellowship of excellence. To this end, we have established The Samarya Yoga Fellowship to help enrich our community and attract and reward the high quality students we associate with Samarya Yoga Liberation Teacher Training.

The fellowship program encourages individuals who come to our training with deep insight into systemic issues of oppression and exclusion, involvement in community building, activism, social outreach and social justice, and who have a demonstrated ability to create and lead individuals and communities in greater personal and social/systemic liberation.

This fellowship specifically values those individuals who:

  • are already in community leadership roles
  • have extensive experience in social justice organizing
  • work clinically with special needs or marginalized populations
  • have specific and unique life experience that will contribute to the greater community
  • have shown leadership quality
  • are committed to being multipliers of the work and vision of the Samarya training

Those awarded fellowship funds must have the capacity and platform to further develop their leadership skills.  This fellowship is specifically an investment in broadening the scope of experience within our community as a whole and in individuals who are able to be “multipliers’ of our work.

This is not an application solely based on financial need; rather it is an invitation and incentive to those students who have already demonstrated leadership ability, as well as commitment to community. No fellowship is ever given for the full amount. Highest amount of scholarship is approximately $500 depending on number of scholarship applicants and number of students enrolled in training.

We have also had many students who have been very successful with personal fundraising for the full amount of training. We will happily put you in touch with those folks, as well as to support you in your personal fundraising efforts every way we can. Additionally, The Grunewald Guild has a limited number of work-study opportunities during each training as a way to further offset costs. Please be thorough and convincing in your application.

This fellowship is not based solely on financial need but rather a benefaction put in place for a few individuals who have a proven commitment to Samarya values including radical inclusion, social justice, healing, living yoga.  The Fellowship differs from the Diversity Scholarship, which is intended to offer financial assistance specifically to those individuals who by their very presence at the front of the room might encourage others who are not well-represented in the mainstream yoga marketing and who might otherwise not connect to the practice.   Although some students may qualify for, and are therefore welcome to apply for, both our Diversity Scholarship and our Fellowship. No Fellowship is ever given for the full amount. Highest amount of fellowship is approximately $500 depending on number of fellowship applicants and number of students enrolled in training.

If you are awarded a fellowship, you will be asked to confirm your acceptance with a non-refundable deposit within one week of acceptance in the total amount of the fellowship given to ensure your commitment as well as our dissemination of funds. In other words, we do not want to offer someone a fellowship who is then – for whatever reason – unable to come to the training, because doing so inevitably means someone else has not received fellowship funds which would have allowed them to enroll. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Should a fellowship recipient decide to cancel their attendance for any reason, those funds can be rolled over as a deposit on a future YTT within one yearYou will have to reapply for fellowship, as fellowships are awarded based on the pool of applicants.

Fellowship application

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