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Training in Integrated Movement Therapy

Integrated Movement Therapy Trainings are helpful for a broad range of people working in a variety of fields. Some people might choose only to take one or two IMT trainings, while others might complete all the IMT trainings through the IMT Internship and become Integrated Movement Therapy Practitioners. Either way, we’re sure you’ll take away skills and ideas that will help you in your work.

Our trainings are structured so that components build on one another, allowing students to progress in their understanding of the principles and practices of Integrated Movement Therapy® at their own pace. IMT trainings begin with an 8-hour IMT Basics workshop and culminate with certification internship. However, students may stop at any level and feel confident in using what they have learned.


The IMT Training Continuum

If you are interested in pursuing IMT Certification, please see also our detailed summary of IMT certification training requirements and costs.

IMT Basics



IMT Basics is the gateway to learning about Integrated Movement Therapy®. This eight-hour course introduces participants to the foundations of IMT, including:

  • an overview of the evolution of IMT, including its roots in both yoga and traditional clinical fields
  • the underlying philosophies of IMT
  • the ingredients for an optimal learning environment
  • a basic understanding of how neural pathways are built and some important locations in the brain
  • the six core principles of IMT and how these provide a framework for working with anyone

Participants leave this workshop feeling inspired about themselves, the people they work with and the work they are already doing. It is appropriate for anyone who wants to learn about how to use yoga for healing, including therapists of all kinds, teachers, parents, and yoga teachers.

IMT Basics provides an overview of this approach; it does not include specific techniques and activities, which are the focus of Level 1. It may be taken as a stand-alone course as an introduction to the Integrated Movement Therapy philosophy and framework, or as a component, along with Yoga and Social Change and IMT and Adults Level One, of the Samarya Yoga Foundations training, which is the first step towards training in Samarya Yoga as a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 200 hour level, a Certified Samarya Yoga Teacher, or an IMT Therapist.

The format of this workshop is primarily guided discussion with some experiential learning, including a short yoga class. It is recommended that participants bring a sack lunch since there is no break for lunch.

Completion of IMT Basics is a prerequisite for IMT Level 1 trainings and all following IMT trainings.

IMT Level One

IMT Level One trainings take place over an extended weekend and focus on providing a more in-depth understanding of IMT’s holistic framework and its application during assessment and treatment. Each level one training (22 to 24 hours) includes discussion and experiential learning such as yoga postures and practical activities for creating growth and healing with different populations.

The IMT framework discussed in these trainings consists of six core principles:

  1. Structure and continuity
  2. Language Stimulation
  3. Social Interaction
  4. Self-calming
  5. Physical Stimulation
  6. Direct Self-Esteem Building

In IMT and Children Level 1, participants learn games and activities that correspond to building skills in each core area. There is a focus on looking at skills in terms of “scaffolding”—how skills build on one another and provide foundations for higher level skills. Participants leave with concrete ways of enhancing children’s ability to leam. This is an active and fun workshop that will improve your ability to work with children with a wide range of diagnoses or challenges, including autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, anxiety, sensory integration dysfunction, and self-regulation difficulties, as well as typically developing children.

In IMT and Teens Level 1, participants learn how teens are different from both children and adults, due to their unique place in brain, physical and social development. This workshop will explore specific activities that are effective in addressing the six core areas with teens. Participants will leave feeling inspired and equipped to help these young people who are going through an exciting and challenging period in their lives.

In IMT and Adults Level 1, participants use experiential activities and exercises to learn how to address the six core areas when working with adults dealing with a variety of challenges and disorders, including chronic pain, depression, stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, traumatic brain injury, and anxiety. This workshop involves self-exploration and provides an excellent foundation for people who work with people of any age.

Completion of IMT Basics is a prerequisite for any IMT Level One training. Completion of all IMT Level One trainings is a prerequisite for IMT Level Two Training.

IMT Level Two

The IMT Level Two Training focuses on the following as they relate to various populations and age groups an IMT trainee might work with:

  • review and reinforcement of IMT’s philosophy and six core principles
  • intake and assessment
  • goal writing—how to write goals that satisfy funding and agency requirements without creating a feeling of failure for you and your students
  • structuring your sessions

The IMT Level Two Training will boost your confidence and skills in integrating yoga philosophy and practice with more conventional structures and techniques of traditional clinical disciplines. Participants will practice articulating what they are doing and providing rationales based on the IMT framework and philosophies.

Completion of all IMT Level One trainings is a prerequisite for the IMT Level Two Training. Completion of the IMT Level Two Training is a prerequisite for the IMT Advanced Training.

IMT Advanced Training

This intensive training is for those who want to further their understanding of and ability to apply Integrated Movement Therapy®. Tailored to meet the needs of the participants, there will be discussion of cases, specific conditions and challenges, and opportunities to practice through vignettes and role-playing. Time will be spent on how to document therapy, including writing goals and objectives, session notes and progress summaries, as well as how to talk about Integrated Movement Therapy®.

Participation is limited to only ten trainees, so this advanced IMT training is a unique opportunity to study intensively with Molly Lannon Kenny, MS-CCC and receive individual feedback and attention.

This training is intellectually and energetically demanding. The daily schedule begins at 7am and ends at 9pm with breaks for meals, and includes both academic and practical information and discussion, as well as periods of independent research and writing.

The Advanced Six-Day Intensive takes place at the beautiful retreat center where we hold our teacher training, Grunewald Guild in Plain, Washington.

Registration for the IMT Advanced Training is by application only. Completion of the IMT Level Two Training and the Samarya Yoga Residential training are prerequisites for the IMT Advanced Training. The IMT Advanced Training is a prerequisite for the IMT Internship.

IMT Internship



The IMT Internship is for those wishing to become a certified Integrated Movement Therapy® practitioner or to gain further direct experience in the approach, and includes direct observation of and participation in Integrated Movement Therapy® sessions, as well as meetings with Molly or other Samarya-certified IMT therapists, direct instruction in the areas of yoga, language and learning, mental health, as well specific disorders.

The internship requires an extensive amount of work on-site, which generally falls on weekdays between 9am and 6pm. There will be additional written work, research and independent study. Participants are encouraged to participate in as many IMT sessions, intakes and specialized yoga classes as possible during their internship, as well as “regular” yoga classes and any IMT workshops that are taking place. After having the opportunity to immerse yourself in experiencing Integrated Movement Therapy® in action, you will have the knowledge, spirit and confidence to effectively use this approach in your work.

Our training program is comprehensive and demanding, involving both experiential learning and academic study. Because it is also highly individualized, it is unmatched in quality and will change your practice forever!

Note: We cannot guarantee a specified number of therapy session observations, as these are dependent upon the number of clients we have at any given time, as well as cancellations, which are out of our control. However, there are currently NO OTHER yoga therapy trainings that offer the opportunity to observe and assist in “real” therapy sessions. You will definitely see and participate in some therapy sessions every week. You will be observing certified IMT therapists, not necessarily Molly or Stephanie.

Prerequisites for application are the IMT Advanced Five-Day Intensive (for which applicant must have taken all other IMT trainings) and The Samarya Yoga Teacher Training. Many applicants have taken other yoga teacher trainings, but these cannot be substituted for our teacher training. Our training is unique in its focus on self-study and integration of yoga concepts and principles that are the foundation of IMT, in addition to being additional time for us to get to know you so that we can best meet your needs during the one-month internship.

Application must be submitted at least three months prior to the desired start date. There is a large amount of written work to be completed prior to beginning the internship. Download the application here.

Completion of the IMT Advanced Training is a prerequisite for application to the IMT Internship.

We intend to reserve our certification for only the highest possible level of competency, and as such, the completion of the internship does not guarantee certification. Certification is conferred at the end of the one-month IMT intensive, only if all requirements have been satisfactorily met and at the discretion of Molly and Stephanie. There will be a final oral exam to assess competence. Certification also qualifies the participant for Yoga Alliance 500-hour registration.



View the current schedule of IMT workshops and trainings.

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