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Community Conversations:

Practicing in the Curve is an on-going series of twice weekly conversations (Mondays and Wednesdays) addressing life in the challenging times we find ourselves now. This is a virtual community with over 200 hours of shared time where we value deep listening and a variety of perspectives from a range of religious, spiritual and secular backgrounds, where we value process over outcome, and community over content. This is an inclusive community, open to all. $5 contribution per session, Learn more and find the zoom link here.

Sukha – 30 Days of Presence  – Creating opportunities for change

Four Friday mornings online, August 6, 13, 20, 27: 11 – 12:30 CT

In this 30 day offering, you will have the opportunity to create your own structure and commitment to making whatever changes you feel would bring you more presence, with the accountability, support and structure of a group. 

We will begin on Friday, Aug 6, 2021 to review the plan for the month, and to develop our own individual commitment plans. These might include adding, reducing or eliminating certain foods, patterns or behaviors, taking new actions, developing new habits, or simply heightening awareness of our everyday lives and choices. Each participant will fill out a simple form to understand their dosha – or ayurvedic mind-body type- and we will have a brief overview of the doshas and how understanding them can help us to understand ourselves. 

We will then meet every Friday during the month of August to talk about how the week went, what worked, what didn’t, what was challenging, what felt great, how your plan might have been modified to better fit your current lifestyle and desires. You will then be given some suggestions of things to try to support digestion, emotional resilience, and better rest. 

This is a 100% judgement free, pressure free, individually directed opportunity for lifestyle changes and considerations. No one tells you what to eat or not eat, what to do or not do, the group format is to give you the chance to make a commitment to yourself and to have it supported in a kind and structured way. 

$150 for all four sessions. Please inquire for sliding scale, scholarship, or BIPOC rates. Click here to register. 

Bedside Yoga – Yoga and End of Life Care primer

Tuesday, August 10 online, 6:30 – 8:30 CT

In this two hour offering, we will outline the four pillars of Bedside Yoga – faith foundations, what is your role, practical considerations, and movement and touch. We will talk about how each component creates a holistic care model with which you will feel best equipped to support people and families on the end of life journey, whether as a professional or friend, or as a person who is experiencing end of life.

This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who has wondered about combining yoga with end of life care, who has taken other death doula training, who is a Bedside Yoga in person retreat graduate, or who is considering enrolling in the upcoming Bedside Yoga online training.

Students will come away from this powerful workshop with a better sense of what it means to walk this journey, how the yoga tradition can provide a foundation for our own wisdom presence, several practical ideas for working with end of life, and what to expect in the longer Bedside Yoga training.

$60, $45 if registered by August 3. Should you decide to join the 60 hour online Bedside Yoga training beginning September 7, this fee will be applied to that payment.

Please inquire for sliding scale, scholarship, or BIPOC rates. Click here to register. 

Yoga as a Mystic Tradition

Tuesday, August 24,  6:30  – 8:30 PM CT

  • Have you ever wondered how yoga is or is not connected to religion?
  • Have you been afraid to teach the spiritual aspects of yoga for fear of offending?
  • Have you had concerns about how yoga might conflict with your religion or the religion of your students?

Many folks are afraid to practice or teach the spiritual – and arguably the most important – aspects of yoga because they don’t want to proselytize or offend. Others are afraid that their yoga practice will conflict with their religion, and still others reject the religion of their childhood and turn to yoga as an idealized spiritual practice. And yet, at the mystical level, Yoga, Hinduism and Christianity map and complement one another beautifully.

An understanding of this helps us to mature our practice and teaching and to gain an understanding and reverence for a variety of religious and spiritual practices.

Join Molly, a teacher of Yoga and Vedanta for over twenty years, a graduate of Richard Rohr’s Living School studying Christian Mysticism, and a current Masters in Theology student as she helps us to share yoga as a mystic tradition, one that has deep and powerful roots that have flowered and entangled themselves into other religious traditions.

At the end of this workshop, the student will be able to:

1. Define and understand the terms “mysticism” and “perennial wisdom/perennial tradition”
2. Speak of (and practice) yoga as a mystic tradition with clarity and confidence
3. Understand and appreciate the relationships between different mystic traditions, including Christianity, and create a new and mature relationship to them

$45. Please go here to register and pay. You will be sent the Zoom link to join the session upon completion of payment.



Sacred reading practices, entering into scripture, entering into the cave of the heart
Monday, August 30,  6:30  – 8:30 PM CT


$180 for all four sessions, $150 if registered by June 1. Please inquire for sliding scale, scholarship, or BIPOC rates. Click here to register. 

Bedside Yoga ~ Yoga and End of Life Care
50 hour on-line training
(32 hours over 12 live sessions with additional reading and self-study)
A 50 hour training for yoga teachers and therapists, chaplains, hospice care workers, or anyone who wants to bring both deep presence and sound practical tools to those at end of life
This training is for anyone who is interested in the Death Doula or Death Cafe movements, for anyone who wants to bring a deep spiritual presence to the end of life journey, or who wants to explore the whole process of death and dying, including practical matters and family dynamics and systems.

The training will be a total of 50 hours of combined online and self-study that can be applied as IAYT continuing education, but more importantly will prepare you for the experience of death and dying – for your own loved ones, for relative strangers, and for yourself.

Hours are one Tuesday and one Thursday evening and one Saturday morning per month, for three months.
Session 2 runs March – May
Session 3 runs June – August
Session 4 runs September – November

Fee: $1525.


Payment plans and scholarships are available.  Please go here for full description and to register.

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