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Free Community Conversations:

Practicing in the Curve is an on-going series of three times weekly conversations addressing life in the challenging times we find ourselves now. This is a virtual community with over 100 hours of shared time where we value deep listening and a variety of perspectives from a range of religious, spiritual and secular backgrounds, where we value process over outcome, and community over content. Free and open to all. Learn more and find the zoom link here.  

Two hour workshops: 

Each two hour online course is $45.00 ~You will be given the Zoom link to join upon completion of payment. Please note options to purchase more than one course with a discount on the product drop down box.   If you are not able to attend the live session, recordings of all sessions will be available for two weeks following the live date. 

A Practice of Gratitude and Abundance
This is an all levels donation based online class. It will include a short talk, a shared ritual, some easeful movement and quiet meditation. 

Friday, November 27, 11 am-12:30 pm Puerto Vallarta time

Some people refer to the day after Thanksgiving as “Black Friday,” as it marks the beginning of a profitable retail season. It also marks the beginning of the holiday season, and reflects the hecticness that goes with this time. The holidays are always a mixture of joy and frustration, magic and insecurity, celebration and indulgence, and takes a toll on our bodies and nervous systems. This year, with Covid and all that has brought, with the inability to travel, with the uncertainty everywhere, it will undoubtedly bring up new challenges and griefs. Let’s start this season differently. Let’s ground together. Let’s create a ritual of “all we need,” and an affirmation that we are cared for. Let’s allow our minds, our bodies and our nervous systems to reset and move into this season with intentionality and grace.


Please go here for details, registration and payment.

Life After Loss ~ Yoga for Grief and Loss

Monday, November 30, 7-9 pm Puerto Vallarta Time

We live in a culture obsessed with individualism, a culture that denies death, a culture that is uncomfortable with suffering and values fixing, or doing, over simply being.  Join Molly  as she talks us through the universality and individuality of grief and offers years of experience, practical tools, and both encouragement and caveats for working with people in this most tender of human experiences.

Please go here for details, registration and payment.


Going Inward– an introduction to Lectio Divina:

Wednesday, December 2, 7-9 pm Puerto Vallarta time

Going inward has always been a soothing balm for people on a contemplative path, but we often don’t have much experience with it, or ideas to keep us focused. In this nourishing and inspiring two hour workshop, we will learn a beautiful, simple practice from Christian mysticism called Lectio Divina, a way to enter into sacred scripture, using a variety of sacred texts and poetry. We will use the practice as a springboard to talk about our own experiences of going inward, and how an inward focus might help us to better discern the outward actions most needed, and most authentic to us, right now.

Please go here for details, registration and payment.


The Healing Power of Mantra

Monday, December 7, 7-9 pm Puerto Vallarta Time

The word “mantra” comes from the words “manas,” or “mind,” and the suffix “-tra” in this case denotes something as a tool. Hence, the term mantra can be translated quite literally as a mind tool. 

Mantras can be incredibly powerful tools for grounding, healing, and evolving. Join Molly in this practical workshop where we will first consider all the ways in which mantras can be used for personal transformation and then learn and practice a variety of mantras from several different spiritual and secular traditions.

Please go here for details, registration and payment.

Regulation of the Nervous System through the Six Senses

Tuesday, December 15, 7-9 pm Puerto Vallarta Time

While we have already been stretched thin through Covid, the election, isolation, and social distancing, the holiday season will inevitably bring on its own unique stressors that will be compounded by the backdrop of our collective anxiety. In this practical and interactive class we will look at each of the senses, how they get stressed in their own way, and what we can do to relieve and soothe our central nervous system through the six senses. Take this time for yourself to reset and center, to learn and share specific practices that invite stability, and to connect with others who are grappling with the same challenges in this stressful, and yet also wonderful, holiday time.  

Please go here for details, registration and payment.

The Art and Practice of Ritual – Celebrating the Solstice

Monday, December 21, 11 am -1 pm Puerto Vallarta Time

Ritual: of or relating to rites or a ritual CEREMONIAL

The winter solstice is a powerful time for resetting, renewing and rejoicing. It is a blessed, sacred time, when we know we have made it through the darkest days of winter and will soon be moving back into warmth and light. It is a time of deep faith and hope, and the knowledge that the seeds that have remained dormant beneath the soil will now begin to grow and reach once again toward the sun. In this engaging two hour session, we will talk a bit about the significance of the solstice from a variety of traditions and explore opportunities for ritual celebration of this powerful shift. 

Please go here for details, registration and payment.

New Year’s Eve Morning Practice 

Thursday, December 31, 10 am-12 pm Puerto Vallarta Time

We made it through this hell of a year, 2020. Let’s take this time together on the morning before the new year, to appreciate what we have learned and gained, mourn and commemorate what we have lost, and create a vision for 2021 that is more hopeful, more joyous and more free. This class will be a combination of talking, gentle movement and meditation.


Please go here for details, registration and payment.

Longer form trainings:

These are longer form offferings with between 10 and 45 hours of  training with additional self-directed study and practice. You will be given the Zoom link to join as well as instructions on how to join a closed group for self-reflection and additional resources upon completion of payment.  Recordings of all sessions will be available for two weeks following the live date, however you must complete at least 75% of the hours live online to receive continuing ed credits with IAYT. 

Bedside Yoga ~ Yoga and End of Life Care
60 hour on-line training
A 60 hour on-line training for yoga teachers and therapists, chaplains, hospice care workers, or anyone who wants to bring both deep presence and sound practical tools to those at end of life
This training is for anyone who is interested in the Death Doula or Death Cafe movements, for anyone who wants to bring a deep spiritual presence to the end of life journey, or who wants to explore the whole process of death and dying, including practical matters and family dynamics and systems.

The training will be a total of 60 hours of combined online and self-study that can be applied as IAYT continuing education, but more importantly will prepare you for the experience of death and dying – for your own loved ones, for relative strangers, and for yourself.

Hours are one Tuesday and one Thursday evening and one Saturday morning per month, for three months.
                                                              Session 1 runs January – April
Session 2 runs March – May
Session 3 runs June – August
Session 4 runs September – November

Fee: $1275.


Payment plans and scholarships are available.  Please go here for full description and to register. 

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