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Community Conversations:

Practicing in the Curve is an on-going series of three times weekly conversations addressing life in the challenging times we find ourselves now. This is a virtual community with over 150 hours of shared time where we value deep listening and a variety of perspectives from a range of religious, spiritual and secular backgrounds, where we value process over outcome, and community over content. This is an inclusive community, open to all. $5 contribution per session, Learn more and find the zoom link here.

Two hour workshops:

Each two hour online course is $45.00, or $35 if you pay at least a week in advance. ~You will be given the Zoom link to join upon completion of payment. Please note options to purchase more than one course with a discount on the product drop down box.   If you are not able to attend the live session, recordings of all sessions will be available for two weeks following the live date. I always offer scholarships opportunities and payment plans as needed, please contact me directly if you need assistance with payment. 

The Dynamic Tension of Identity: What we can learn through the Atma Shatakam
Sunday, February 21, 2021, 10 – 12 Puerto Vallarta time

The question of identity is a fascinating one, especially given the most fundamental message of the Yoga Sutras and the directive to “rest in our own true nature.” Does our “true nature” negate our material nature? Even in terms of social justice, we sometimes hear words like “We’re all the same,” and yes, in some ways we are, but clearly in many ways we are not, especially in terms of access and opportunity. So how do we deal with this question of identity?

Well, sometime around the 6th Century BCE, a six stanza poem emerged, attributed to Adi Shankara, an Indian philosopher and theologian who consolidated and taught the doctrine of Advaita Vedanta – a school of thought anchored in non-dualism. In this poem, Shankaracharya described himself in terms of what he is not – essentially all of the identities he wore as a person of that time, as a person of faith. At the end of each stanza, he proclaimed what he was – loving awareness, consciousness itself.

I have used this poem for over a decade in helping people to undo and examine various identities, while still acknowledging the reality of our material form. I have seen people move out of anxiety, depression and general “stuckness,” by playing with the ideas presented within this powerful declaration. Join me to learn more about the poem and how to use it to find your own “unstuckness” – to explore and own the many truths of “what you are” as a human person, and the one truth of “who you are” as a divine presence.

Please go here for details, registration and payment.

Finding our Compass through the four Purusharthas, or Aims of Human Life according to Hindu Philosophy
Sunday, March 14, 2021, 10 – 12 Puerto Vallarta time

The Purusharthas originate in Vedic texts and are key teachings within the great epics of the Ramayana and Mahabharata. They can be  translated in Sanskrit as the “goals of human existence” or “the soul’s purpose.”

It feels like now more than ever we are examining our soul’s purpose, seeking meaning in our lives, and experiencing a change in the way we think and live based on the challenges and uncertainty of the past year and the foreseeable future. The purusharthas can be a powerful matrix to use as we sort out what is important.

According to these precepts, we have four primary aims in our life: purpose, the means to carry out our purpose, the experience of beauty, and individual (and collective) liberation.

Have you been feeling unmoored or without direction? Have you been having the experience of lots of time but very little inspiration? Have you been considering how you live and what’s important and feeling a shift in your center?

Join me for this two hour workshop where we will learn about these four aims, how we can connect them to our lives now, and what we might be able to do to set ourselves on a more steady course. We will spend time talking, in silent contemplation, journaling and creating a poster board that reflects our desires and illuminates a pathway to greater ease and freedom.


Please go here for details, registration and payment.

Longer form trainings:

These are longer form offferings with between 10 and 35 hours of  training with additional self-directed study and practice. You will be given the Zoom link to join as well as instructions on how to join a closed group for self-reflection and additional resources upon completion of payment.  Recordings of all sessions will be available for two weeks following the live date, however you must complete at least 75% of the hours live online to receive continuing ed credits with IAYT. 

Bedside Yoga ~ Yoga and End of Life Care
50 hour on-line training
(32 hours over 12 live sessions with additional reading and self-study)
A 50 hour training for yoga teachers and therapists, chaplains, hospice care workers, or anyone who wants to bring both deep presence and sound practical tools to those at end of life
This training is for anyone who is interested in the Death Doula or Death Cafe movements, for anyone who wants to bring a deep spiritual presence to the end of life journey, or who wants to explore the whole process of death and dying, including practical matters and family dynamics and systems.

The training will be a total of 50 hours of combined online and self-study that can be applied as IAYT continuing education, but more importantly will prepare you for the experience of death and dying – for your own loved ones, for relative strangers, and for yourself.

Hours are one Tuesday and one Thursday evening and one Saturday morning per month, for three months.
Session 2 runs March – May
Session 3 runs June – August
Session 4 runs September – November

Fee: $1525.


Payment plans and scholarships are available.  Please go here for full description and to register.

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