interviews with molly

“Yoga For Life” Seattle Met Magazine, January 2011

“How to Avoid Yoga Injuries” Yoga Journal Online, March 2009

“Yoga, Grief Recovery and Hospice Care” Integral Yoga Magazine, Summer 2008

“The Future of Yoga Therapy” Yoga Therapy in Practice, May 2006

“Molly Kenny: Between Rock and a Healing Space” Yoga Northwest, September/October 2002

“Yoga Teacher Spotlight: Molly Lannon Kenny” Seattle Yoga News, June 2015

“Interview with Molly Lannon Kenny, author of the book: “No Gurus Came Knocking”” Seattle Yoga News, January 2016

“Changing the Self, Changing the World: An Interview with Molly Lannon Kenny” NW Yoga Conference, December 2015

“Yoga Therapy for Grief and Hospice Care Interview with Molly Kenny” Yoga Chicago, September/October 2006

Radio Interview: “Drew’s Story” KUOW, July 2008

Audio Interview: “Divine Presence” Transparent: Yoga and Everyday Life, May 2012

Video Interview: “Step Into Authenticity with Molly Lannon Kenny” Alex Iglecia, November 2012



articles written by molly

“The impact of positive thinking on your life” Seattle Yoga News, January 2015

“Can yoga make you a better listener” Seattle Yoga News, December 2014

“Devotion, intention, and the purposeful creation of culture” Seattle Yoga News, November 2014

“Crack that coconut: on pain, compassion, and coconut water” Yoga Service Council, April 2016

“The Powerful Gift of Uncertainty.” Elephant Journal, April 2017

“Challenging the Mind While Softening the Heart” Elephant Journal, April 2017

“This Definition of God Can Break Open Even the Most Closed Heart” Elephant Journal, September 2017

“This is not an Interruption of Your Life, This Is Your Life” Elephant Journal, August 2017

“Yoga: Embodyment Without Body” Wisdom Magazine, January 2008

“Healer, Heal Thyself: An Equation for Real Change” Yoga Service Council, April 2017

“CD Review: Yoga Relaxation Therapy: Relax and Speak” International Journal of Yoga Therapy January 2003



articles featuring molly & her work

“Yin Yoga: Yang-Style’s Less Aggressive Counterpart” LA Times,  September 2009

“Striking a Pose for Girth” NY Times, May 2009

“In a Clinical Yoga Practice, Physiology Meets Philosophy” Crosscut, November 2007

“What a Relief! Anyone Can Do Yoga” MS Connections, Spring 2006

“Practitioners Using Yoga Therapy to Mend Bodies and Spirits” The Seattle Times, January 2006

“A New Yoga-Based Treatment Helps Autistic Children Relate Better to Themselves and to the World” Yoga Journal, November 2002

“Yoga: The Hard Work of Building Community” Huffington Post, May 2013

“Bringing yoga and social change together” Seattle Yoga News, September 2014

“Chapter 3: Molly Lannon Kenny” pp. 15-23 Sharing Sadhana by Victoria Bailey, Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, 2012

“Moved to tears: Workouts and waterworks” NBC News, October 2007

“Soldiering On: New Methods for Battling PTSD” Seattle Magazine, November 2011



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