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Dropping In

It’s easy to drop in and learn something new in these quick and engaging. Classes in this series are $35 each and 2 hours long. Click on course titles to learn more!

Introduction to the Bhagavad Gita

In this two hour overview, we will learn about the basic structure and teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, as well as its historical and spiritual context. Students must join this workshop prepared with a version of the text. We will discuss various translations and commentaries and how to compare and learn from each of them. Learn more

Basics of Sanskrit Pronunciation

In this super fun class we will enjoy a brief overview of Sanskrit in general, and then look at and learn the basics of standard transliteration. We will then practice on several short sutras as well as names of poses and their component parts. A great way for students and teachers alike to improve pronunciation while learning more about these texts and their true message. Learn more

Hindu Mythology Basics

You’ve seen the pictures of gods and goddesses hanging in the studio, you’ve chanted at kirtan, you have a Ganesh tee shirt and know he is the remover of obstacles….. but what more? What is the context of these dieties? Is yoga a religion? Is it polytheistic? Join this super fun and informative class to learn about the major Gods in the Hindu religion and how they inform (or don’t!) your yoga practice! Learn more

The Fives

Have you ever noticed that lots of yoga philosophy comes in fives? Five yamas, five niyamas, five kleshas, five koshas….. You’ve probably studied or at least heard of these, but do you know about the five directions of breath? The five types of mind? The five types of thought? In this workshop we will look at each of these “fives” and see how they might strengthen our practice and our teaching. Learn more

Pranayama Basics

In this short class we will talk about the importance of the breath across several mystic traditions, its place specifically within the yoga knowledge stream and tradition and how different pranayama techniques work differently. We will learn, practice and discuss five specific techniques. Learn more


Deep Studies

These courses take a deeper dive into big topics. Run times and prices vary by course.

Roots to Fruits:  a History of Modern Yoga

Join Molly for this exciting webinar – an opportunity to better understand modern yoga in its historical context, for just $95 for six hours of audio/video. This workshop will take the students back to the beginning, to the very first Veda, the oldest known literary work, and draw a winding line to present day yoga as it is practiced by most people in the west. This online course is the first in a series of yoga talks offered by Molly and is for anyone interested in teaching or practicing yoga and trying to understand both its history and impact. Learn more

Yoga and Social Change

This inspiring online workshop is for all yoga teachers, yoga students, and anyone interested in learning about how we can make a real and lasting impact on the world around us by choosing to live in the spirit of compassion, inclusion and equality. In this engaging and thought provoking workshop, Molly Lannon Kenny will present the challenge of accepting our desires to help and serve, and then of letting them go, in favor of the greater desire for deep human connection, or kinship. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the differences between standing up, standing for and standing with, and how to create and sustain community programs based on the power of partnership. They will have a new lens through which to see the inherent challenges for these programs– both within the system and within ourselves – and what each of us, as individuals, can do to change our own prejudices and presumptions, and see our commitment to social justice as a necessary part of our commitment to yoga. Learn more


Courses within the Integrated Movement Therapy training continuum.

IMT Basics

Join us for this webinar which will offer six hours of video delivered in four sessions. Following completion of the webinar series, students may send in any questions they have related to the material or regarding their own clients, and Molly will respond in one final video where she will answer any lingering questions or address anything that she did not address in the sessions.

IMT Basics is a prerequisite for any IMT Level 1 training as well as for Samarya Yoga Teacher Training. Learn more

more ways to learn with molly:

in person

Study with Molly in person! Molly offers trainings, workshops, personal retreats, and pilgrimages.

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Study real-time with Molly from the comfort of your own home in these online classes.

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