Bedside Yoga – Yoga and End of Life Care online training




Below you will find four payment options. Please read carefully.

Deposit: This is a $500 deposit to reserve your space in class and to have access to pre-course emails. Deposits only apply to folks who are not able to pay prior to the early registration deadline or on payment plans.

If you are on a payment plan, you must pay this deposit as your first payment.

Deposits received before the early registration deadline do not count towards early registration discount. The early registration discount only applies to those who pay in full by Saturday, August 7.

Remaining balance: This is for folks who have paid the initial $500 deposit and are now able to pay the remainder, after the early registration deadline and prior to start of course on June 15.

Pay in full: In order to receive the early registration rate and save $250 you must pay in full by the early registration date of August 7. After August 7, the pay in full option will be for the full amount without the discount.

BiPoC rate: This is a standard equity rate for all BiPoC participants only. Please choose this rate if you are BiPoC.

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