History of Yoga – from roots to fruits (live online version)


Roots to Fruits:  a History of Modern Yoga (live online)

Join Molly for this exciting webinar – an opportunity to better understand modern yoga in its historical context, for just $95 for six hours of audio/video. This workshop will take the students back to the beginning, to the very first Veda, the oldest known literary work, and draw a winding line to present day yoga as it is practiced by most people in the west. This online course is the first in a series of yoga talks offered by Molly and is for anyone interested in teaching or practicing yoga and trying to understand both its history and impact.


Current live series dates: Thursdays, July 19, 26, and August 2 2018 from 11:30 – 1:30 pm CST

This workshop requires the free Zoom platform. You will be able to watch the meetings at a later date if you are not able to be present at the meetings.

A pre-recorded version of this course is also available here.



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