Internship remainder – Molly Lannon Kenny as supervisor




If you are choosing Molly Lannon Kenny as your supervisor, you must pay in full on or before the date of your initial planning session. This fee reflects the $250 for the planning session and $1340 for supervision.

If you are choosing someone other than Molly to be your internship supervisor, you will pay that person directly the remaining amount of $1340 in order to officially begin your internship. This assumes you have already paid them the $250 planning session fee directly. The total to your internship supervisor is $1590 ($250 + $13400.

The total cost for internship, regardless of your supervisor, is $2300.

Once you have begun internship there are absolutely no refunds. You have three months to complete your internship. You will be charged an additional $250 for each week you extend your internship, not to exceed four weeks ($1000). Internships extended beyond four weeks will be considered invalid. There will be no refunds, and the student will have to reapply to reenroll.


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