Inward and outward




Monday, August 30,  6:30  – 8:30 PM CT

This year has been a lot of going inward for all of us, and now we are being told it is time to go back out. But how are we just supposed to switch like that?  How do we feel connected again? Safe again? Grounded again? Or how do we learn to sit in the absolute unknown?

In this nourishing and inspiring two hour workshop, we will learn a beautiful, simple practice from Christian mysticism called Lectio Divina, a way to enter into sacred scripture, using a variety of sacred texts and poetry. We will use the practice as a springboard to talk about our own experiences of shifting from inward focus to outward engagement, and to help us discern the outward actions most needed, and most authentic to us, right now.

We will learn how to manage individual and collective grief and anxiety, as well as to leave with a list of simple practices we can do every day to create outward structure and inward freedom.


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