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As the general population is aging, many yoga students and teachers are finding themselves drawn to end of life care. We know in our own practice how we can use the teachings of yoga to prepare us for our own death, and may have thought about how we might emotionally and spiritually manage our own feelings in the face of death of people we know and love. But how do we offer these practices to those who are at the end of their own lives? How do we encourage gentle movement practices and share ideas and tools that will help them to heal into their own death? In this class, Molly Lannon Kenny, founder of Bedside Yoga (TM), will share her own experience with yoga at end of life and offer both practical tools as well as a framework of insight to inspire and encourage folks interested in this powerful and much needed work.

This workshop is offered in an online format. While we will look at several aspects of movement, the content will primarily be delivered through discussion and lecture. Students will still leave with a solid foundation for considering how to be present for those in need.

If you are not able to attend the live offering, the video will be made available for up to two weeks following the live class.

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