Yoga as a Mystic Tradition


Many folks are afraid to practice or teach the spiritual – and arguably the most important – aspects of yoga because they don’t want to proselytize or offend. Others are afraid that their yoga practice will conflict with their religion, and still others reject the religion of their childhood and turn to yoga as an idealized spiritual practice.

Join Molly, a teacher of Yoga and Vedanta for over twenty years, as well as a recent graduate of Richard Rohr’s Living School studying Christian Mysticism, as she helps us to share a new understanding of yoga as a mystic tradition, one that has deep and powerful roots that have flowered and entangled themselves into other religious traditions. Discover how to benefit from these practices, whether it is for your own personal health and well-being, or for guiding others into their own inquiry and discovery.

At the end of this workshop, the student will be able to:

1. Define and understand the terms “mysticism” and “perennial wisdom/perennial tradition”
2. Speak of (and practice) yoga as a mystic tradition with clarity and confidence
3. Understand and appreciate the relationships between different mystic traditions, including Christianity, and create a new and mature relationship to them


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