Social Distance & Social Change Workshop Series: Building A Wisdom Presence in Virtual Spaces ~ A four-part online workshop series

Develop the skills and wisdom to build community and facilitate open, meaningful dialogue in virtual spaces. This 10-hour training, forum, and incubator for thought leaders is born from the unique challenges of staying spiritually and socially connected in our present era of social distance and change.

This 4 part series was designed specifically for folks in leadership roles – either by design or by proxy – who are now in the position of wanting, or having, to speak to or on topics that are challenging and often polarizing. We may feel very competent in our chosen profession –  yoga teacher, therapist, chaplain, meditation teacher – but are suddenly being asked to rise to a new level of addressing and facilitating complex conversations in the virtual realm, for which we feel unprepared.

In this inspiring and lively series, we will learn how to build our own wisdom presence and to use the virtual realm effectively – including best practices and potential pit falls. We will  learn what being a deep listener looks like in virtual spaces and  how to create a sense of connection and goodwill among our participants. We will learn how to frame and address questions related to spiritual awakening and how to inspire the deep inner questioning that is key to surviving and thriving in these challenging times.

At the end of this four-part series, the participant will:

  • Be able to identify and use best practices for connecting and building community in virtual spaces
  • Develop new skills for framing current social challenges in a spiritual context
  • Have specific practices to cultivate an authentic personal wisdom presence in daily life
  • Understand deep listening skills, specifically for helping stay present and focused online
  • Gain an understanding of the social and spiritual principles of ally-ship and how to practice it
  • Be able to identify and put into practice specific strategies for creating and leading inclusive, diverse virtual spaces
  • Have an understanding of their own role as a thought-leader, professional, friend, family member, or ally in relation to social change
  • Leave with specific tools for facilitating meaningful, open discussions about highly-charged topics including inequity, politics, and privilege.

On March 20, 2020, Molly facilitated her first online workshop specifically in response to Covid. Out of that initial offering came a desire and request to continue weekly conversations online to help people to think about their spiritual practice as it related to the new, changing and deeply challenging times they were facing. Since that time, Molly has hosted three times weekly 75 minute online gatherings that include people from all over the world and from diverse spiritual, religious and secular backgrounds. With now over 150 hours of online time clocked in specifically addressing these topics, she has become an expert in creating inclusive and robust digital communities and an expert in facilitation in these spaces, especially with diverse communities and in discussing charged topics such as racism, white supremacy, spirituality and spiritual bypass. She has been teaching on these topics in live spaces for over 20 years, and brings her combination of experience in live and digital spaces, along with her lively, authentic and super knowledgeable teaching style to this exciting and practical four part series. This is an opportunity not to be missed by others who want to translate their own teaching into virtual spaces and who want to dive deeper into their own inner experience and what they bring to all spaces, live or virtual.

Schedule (in UTC+02)
Sunday, September 6, 2020
5:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Part I “You Are Here: Abiding in Your Virtual Presence”


Sunday, September 13, 2020
5:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Part II “We Are Here: Meeting in Virtual Space”


Sunday, September 20, 2020
5:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Part III “Being Here, Getting There: Wisdom Presence and Social Change”


Sunday, September 27, 2020
5:00 PM – 7:30 PM
Part IV “Deep Dive: Putting Your Skills to Work”

Pricing: Sliding Scale $100 – $175 for the entire 4 Part Session

$100 Conversation Starter

For those with the ability to pay for our most affordable level of participation. Your important contribution will compensate Molly and Isabella for their teaching and organizing time.

$125 Facilitator  

For those with the ability to pay for our “next-level” of financial commitment. As a Facilitator, your contribution will compensate Molly and Isabella for both their time and the resources used to create this special event.

$150 Change-Maker

For those with the ability to pay for our “shift” level of commitment. At this level, your contribution ensures that Molly and Isabella are gainfully compensated for their work and able to shift focus to planning more inspiring events like this one!

$175 Samarya Promise

For those with the ability to pay for our highest level of financial commitment. Translated from sanskrit, samarya means community. At this level, your contribution sustains the diversity and future of our thriving online community of thought-leaders. We commit to inviting one individual with limited economic means to participate in this event for every Samarya Promise purchased. 

Please go here to register and pay.

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