One week deep dive residential April 13 – 20 2018

I am feeling so inspired to teach and share and totally uplifted by my recent retreat – I have decided to reduce the rates of this retreat bymore than $500 because I just want to share! I feel like I am bursting with excitedment for this offering! so!

New rates!!!! all include IMT Basics online for free (regularly $95)

Single: $1770 early registration / $1970 regular registration

Double: $1640 early registration / $1840 regular registration

All genders Dorm: $1480 early registration / $1680 regular registration

Tent: $1370 early registration / $1570 regular registration

Dropping in – an online workshop series with Molly

In this exciting new online workshop series, students and teachers of yoga and other contemplative practices can learn together some of the more subtle yet equally important aspects of our practice. We names the series “Dropping in” because by using the zoom platform we can virtually drop in on one another from all over the country – or even all over the world. Molly will be dropping in from her home in Mexico! We will then all “drop in” together as we go deeper into the vast and fascinating world of yoga, mysticism and contemplation. All classes are two hours long and cost $50 per class.

NOTE: Five of these classes are required for the Samarya Yoga Liberation Teacher training designation with Yoga Alliance. Students interested in pursuing our training in the future are encouraged to join – in this way you will get to meet Molly and the Samarya community while learning and getting some requirements out of the way before the two week residential training!

Basics of Sanskrit pronunciation

In this super fun class we will enjoy a brief overview of Sanskrit in general, and then look at and learn the basics of standard transliteration. We will then practice on several short sutras as well as names of poses and their component parts. A great way for students and teachers alike to improve pronunciation while learning more about these texts and their true message. Recorded version available Purchase here

Hindu Mythology Basics

You’ve seen the pictures of gods and goddesses hanging in the studio, you;ve chanted at kirtan, you have a Ganesh tee shirt and know he is the remover of obstacles….. but what more? What is the context of these dieties? Is yoga a religion? Is it polytheistic? Join this super fun and informative class to learn about the major Gods in the Hindu religion and how they inform (or don’t!) your yoga practice! Recorded version available. Purchase here.

The Fives

Have you ever noticed that lots of yoga philosophy comes in fives? Five yamas, five niyamas, five kleshas, five koshas….. You’ve probably studied or at least heard of these, but do you know about the five directions of breath? The five types of mind? The five types of thought? In this workshop we will look at each of these “fives” and see how they might strengthen our practice and our teaching.  Recorded version available. Purchase here.

An introduction to the Bhagavad Gita

In this two hour overview, we will learn about the basic structure and teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, as well as its historical and spiritual context. Students must join this workshop prepared with a version of the text. We will discuss various translations and commentaries and how to compare and learn from each of them. Recorded version available.  Purchase here

Wisdom Teachers

This workshop will focus on the lives and contributions of important leaders and teachers in the field of yoga and contemplative practice, including Swami Vivekananda, Paramhansa Yogananda and Thich Nhat Hanh. Recorded version available. Purchase here

Pranayama Basics

In this short class we will talk about the importance of the breath across several mystic traditions, its place specifically within the yoga knowledge stream and tradition and how different pranayama techniques work differently. We will learn, practice and discuss five specific techniques. Recorded version available Purchase here

Yoga & Social Change

Tuesdays and Saturdays, January 23 and 27, 30 and February 3. 11- 12:30 CST

This online workshop is required for all students wishing to complete their 200 hour Yoga Alliance designation with the Samarya Yoga Liberation Teacher Training. It counts for a total of 12 hours of instruction – 6 hours online and 6 additional hours completed as online homework.

Anyone interested in using their contemplative and spiritual practices to dive deeper into social change is encouraged and welcomed. At the end of this course, you will not only have a better sense of how you contribute to both harmony and dischord through habitual patterns, but you will understand deeply how to be the best possible participant in social change movements, conversations and organizations by truly bringing your best, most courageous, awakened and compassionate self.

Learn More and register here. 

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