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Molly in Leavenworth at Evolve Yoga!
October 6, 7 and 8
Evolve is honored to host Molly Lannon Kenny this fall for a free talk and booksigning as well as two informative workshops. For those of you unfamiliar with her work, Molly has been a force in the yoga community both in the Pacific Northwest and on the national scene for the last decade.
Author of “No Gurus Came Knocking”, Molly is creator of Integrated Movement Therapy in which she has combined her knowledge and experience as a speech language pathologist with the practices and philosophies of yoga to affect real, compassionate and measurable change in folks with conditions ranging from autism to end of life, from depression and addiction to chronic illness, and everything in between.
Molly is also well known for her work using yoga for personal and social change.
NOTE: Even if you personally are not dealing with chronic pain or addiction, it is very likely that someone in your life has or will. Come learn how yoga can help those who struggle with these debilitating issues.
Join us in welcoming Molly Lannon Kenny to Leavenworth!
Friday, October 6 6:30pm Free talk and Book Signing: Yoga and Social Change


Join Molly Lannon Kenny, internationally renowned speaker, author, therapist and yoga educator in this powerful free discussion of the intersection of yoga and social justice.In this challenging time, many of us are wondering what we can do, and in particular how our yoga practice informs or connects us to a deeper understanding of our presence and power. We know we “come to the mat” to collect ourselves, to reflect and recharge, but we don’t always understand our yoga practice as a spiritual and philosophical discipline that has much to offer us, especially in terms of learning how to self-reflect, to gain confidence and courage, and to truly see the ways in which we are inextricably linked, how collective liberation is a process of individual liberation. Join Molly as she explores the ways in which our yoga practice can truly be a practice of liberation.

Molly will have her book, “No Gurus Came Knocking” for sale and signing.



Saturday, October 7 2:00-4:30pm Yoga and Chronic Pain Workshop
Chronic pain exists in so much of our lives manifesting on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. How can a yoga practice help and hurt? In this information packed workshop, we will learn about the neurological pain loop, how to address chronic pain in class, and how to be in the presence of someone suffering from chronic pain without minimizing or trying to fix. We will also have the opportunity to design a class, taking into consideration the pitfalls of thinking that yoga “must” be good for chronic pain, and therefore not using our own viveka – discernment – to truly meet our students with a compassionate presence and a practical and well thought out class that offers relief on all levels of our being. Students, yoga teachers, clinicians and anyone suffering directly or indirectly from chronic pain will benefit from this inspired, heart centered and experiential workshop. This workshop is eligible for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education credits.
Sunday, October 8 2:00-4:30pm Yoga and Addiction Workshop
So many of us struggle directly and indirectly with addictions both benign and toxic. Can a yoga practice really help? Molly Lannon Kenny has been developing and teaching yoga classes for addiction for over a decade and is excited to share her resounding “yes!” Drawing from current research in movement and mindfulness, as well as from the scriptures describing yoga as a philosophical and spiritual practice, Molly will provide students with background, food for thought, and practical experience for developing practices to address addiction that can be used by individuals on their own, or yoga teachers wishing to create group classes. This workshop is appropriate for students, yoga teachers, clinicians and anyone suffering directly or indirectly from addiction of any kind. This workshop is eligible for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education credits.
$55 per workshop or $90 for both. Early bird $45 and $75 by September 30.
Please go to our website: for detailed descriptions of the workshops and Molly’s extensive bio, as well as to register.

Integrated Movement Therapy Basics on-line. (pre-recorded series)

Join Molly in this super easy, innovative and effective on-line forum. Learn the overarching philosophies that provide the theoretical framework for IMT, along with the 6 core principles that drive the therapy sessions themselves. Come away from this seven hour course feeling inspired in your own work and spiritual life, while learning the history and foundations of IMT, and knocking off your pre-requisite to any IMT Level 1 training.

These sessions are not live so that students may listen in their own time. Once you have completed the four class series, you may send in any additional questions or clarifications, ask specific questions about your own clients, or follow up for further training, and Molly will send one final video responding to any additional inquiries.

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Schedule Your Own Retreat!

Molly invites you or your group to join her for a private, personalized yoga experience at her home in Mexico, about an hour north of Puerto Vallarta. Learn more about:

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