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We are discontinuing the Samarya Yoga Liberation Training – our fall 2018 training will be our last! Join us!

Please note: This training is not intended as a vocational training and is not intended to lead to a career and/or paid employment in the yoga instruction field. This training is for yoga students who wish to go deeper in their practice, or those who wish to serve in volunteer or service based capacities.

Do you desire to share yoga from a place of authenticity and purpose?

Are you concerned about sharing a coopted practice and committed to understanding yoga’s roots, history and depth?

Are you looking for an active, engaged yoga community, held by wisdom elders, in which you can explore, question, contribute and thrive?

The Samarya Yoga  Trainings are unlike any other yoga training you will find. We emphasize self-reflection and exploration through the practice and teachings of yoga. As students explore yoga in relationship to their own lives and belief systems, they will discover their ability to share these ancient healing techniques in their communities.

The framework provided by The Samarya Center, a nationally-recognized yoga research and education center, focuses on yoga as a primary and adjunct healing modality. The principles of Integrated Movement Therapy®, the therapy approach developed at The Samarya Center, are derived from yoga and as such are interwoven throughout the training.

An enthusiasm for service to community is strongly encouraged, reflecting The Samarya Center’s mission to provide access to the state of yoga to all people. In this spirit, we ask prospective students to reflect on a series of discernment steps to make sure that this training will be exactly what you want, and that you will be the ideal student for the training.

This teacher training will be a life-changing experience for anyone who wants to learn more about yoga. It is especially appropriate for: beginning yoga teachers, dedicated students, therapists wishing to practice IMT, yoga teachers who want more information on working with special populations, and students wishing further study with Molly and the Samarya Yoga Faculty. (Required for those applying for IMT certification.)

Final Teacher Training: September 21st – October 5th, 2018.

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