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Samarya Yoga

Yoga is a practice of liberation. Social Justice is a practice of liberation. Contemplation is a practice of liberation. Personal spiritual discipline is a practice of liberation. And yes, living well in community is a practice of liberation. We can bring these things together through intentionality and commitment.

When you think of becoming a yoga teacher, what is it that you imagine?
  • Do  you envision a deeper commitment your own personal and spiritual growth?
  • Do you imagine being a teacher who practices radical inclusion and cares deeply about issues of social justice?
  • Have you considered the idea of yoga as therapy and that you yourself might be able to offer a therapeutic benefit within your teaching?
  • Do you believe that learning and teaching yoga within an historical and cultural context is important?

If you said yes to any one of these questions, then the Samarya Yoga Liberation Teacher Training is for you. We have been training contemplative teachers with a humanistic viewpoint for close to two decades in over 25 teacher trainings and more than 300 graduates. Yoga Teacher Training is a serious and noble pursuit. Why not choose to take yours with people whose experience, knowledge base, track record and commitment you trust and respect? And since this is the very last one, now is the best time ever to join!

The Training Continuum

The Samarya Yoga Teacher Training program takes students deep into the heart of yoga. Training includes a 2 week residential training and is rounded out with several online classes, live teacher observations, and opportunities for personal reflection. Much of the training can be completed on the student’s own time and at their own pace. Students are well supported and able to connect with Molly throughout the duration of the program.

Residential Training

A two-week residential training for self-reflection and exploration through the practice and teachings of yoga. 

September 21- October 5, 2018


A series of online courses and related hours.

IMT Basics must be completed before the retreat. All other classes may be taken at any time, before or after the retreat.


Class observations, independent classes, and anatomy. 

Students are eligible to begin Practicum any time after completing their residential retreat.

Our entire 200-hour training is actually a total of 225 hours. This allows us to have some flexibility and also to ensure that our students are graduating the basic training with all the information we believe they need to not only be a competent and caring yoga teacher, but also to be an authentic teacher, with authentic practice. The total hours we offer are what we believe is a bare minimum to truly represent the ethos and orientation of Samarya Yoga. The additional hours are not optional. However, there are always times when individual students need some accommodations to meet specific challenges. These will be considered on a case by case basis.

The Samarya Yoga Liberation Teacher Training is registered with Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour level. Students must complete all components of the 200 hour training to be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 200-hour level, but may take any portion of the training for which they have the necessary prerequisites regardless of whether they plan to register with Yoga Alliance or even to become a yoga teacher!

This fall will be the last two-week residential retreat as part of our 200-hour training.
If you’ve been thinking about studying with Molly, now is the time!


Retreat: $3890-4720 depending on accommodation choice and early registration

Foundations: $560 online classes + 18 hours additional study (cost will vary)

Practicum: $180

Total cost: $4630-5460 plus cost of additional study

Please note: We reserve the right to change, edit or modify our program and/or fees at any time.


Because of our commitment to inclusivity and affordability, we offer several scholarships and opportunities to make this training more affordable. Please visit our Scholarships page for complete details on these opportunities.

Personal Fundraising

We have had many students who have successfully collected payment for their training by adding personal fundraising to their scholarship. We always support this type of self-efficacy and empowerment, and do everything we can to help our students meet their goal. Let us know if you want to set up a personal fundraising page and we will help you get the word out.

Diversity Scholarship

The Samarya Community Fund supports diversity in the yoga community by providing scholarship and financial assistance for people of color, large bodied individuals, people with disabilities and transgender/genderqueer folks and people age 18 or younger, or 70 and older to attend the Samarya Yoga Teacher Training. Available for the residential portion of the training program.

Would you like to apply for the scholarship? Please email us for an application. You must be eligible in one of the above categories to be considered.


The fellowship program encourages individuals who come to our training with deep insight into systemic issues of oppression and exclusion, involvement in community building, activism, social outreach and social justice, and who have a demonstrated ability to create and lead individuals and communities in greater personal and social/systemic liberation. This is a partial scholarship for the residential component of our training. See our Scholarships page for complete details.

Work-trade opportunities

The Grunewald Guild offers a limited number of work-trade opportunities to offset cost of food and lodging. Work-trade consists of approximately two hours per day of basic maintenance including dishwashing and keeping public spaces tidy. Some work-trades can be arranged to be completed before training begins. Available for the residential portion of the training, please email for specifics.

Workshop Scholarship

We offer a limited number of partial scholarships for our workshops and online classes, which are part of the Foundations portion of the training. See our Scholarships page for complete information on this scholarship.

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