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Samarya Yoga Liberation Teacher Training Commitment to Financial Accessibility

Samarya Yoga was born out of the dedication to making yoga accessible to as many people as possible.  As part of this mission, we are deeply committed to making our training available in as many ways as we can, and we are beyond grateful to The Grunewald Guild, the site of our two-week residential training, for offering an opportunity for work-trade to defray costs. In collaboration with the Guild, we have established The Samarya Yoga and Grunewald Guild work-trade opportunity to welcome and assist people for whom The Samarya Yoga Teacher Training would otherwise be outside of financial reach.    To be eligible, applicants must be willing to work for two hours (one dish set plus one additional chore) each day during the training, as well as to stay after the retreat for up to four hours to help with turnover. Only two positions are available per retreat.

Accepted applicants will earn a credit of $215 per week, or $430 total. Interested applicants must complete and submit the application by deadline, no exceptions.

If you are awarded a work-trade opportunity, you will be asked to confirm your acceptance with a non-refundable deposit within one week of acceptance in the total amount of the work-trade to ensure your commitment as well as our dissemination of funds. In other words, we do not want to offer someone a work-trade position who is then – for whatever reason – unable to come to the training, because doing so inevitably means someone else has not received the work-trade opportunity which would have allowed them to enroll. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Should a work-trade recipient decide to cancel their attendance for any reason, those funds can be rolled over as a deposit on a future YTT within one yearYou will have to reapply for work-trade, as work-trade opportunities are awarded based on the pool of applicants.

Work-trade Application

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