YTT assistant application

Yoga Teacher Training Assistant Application

This is an unpaid position. It is an opportunity for you to come back to YTT, to be a support and role model to new students, to help in carrying out the mission of the center, to deepen your own knowledge and practice, to offer service, to meet new people, to be a steward of The Samarya Center, and to help Molly and the faculty provide the best possible experience to the students. You may ask for specific food requirements, just as you did on your own YTT. All food and accommodations will be paid for by The Samarya Center. Accommodations will be in the dorm, unless it is your third time assisting, in which case you will be in a double.

Assistants have three primary roles:

  1. To be a student and to deepen their own practice.
  2. To help Molly or faculty with anything they need
  3. To be a role model and loving, encouraging and supportive presence for the students

Please make sure these are the reason you want to come before completing the application below.

YTT resident assistant application

    Please check as many as you are able to attend.
  • The Samarya Center Values These are the values that inform what we do as teachers, therapists, business owners and people. Community We value collaboration, partnership and altruism that demonstrate that we are part of something bigger than ourselves and remind us that we are not alone. Diversity We value each individual’s unique contribution and cultivate acceptance, inclusivity and accessibility in order to create a rich and diverse community. Self-Inquiry We value introspection as a process that allows us to unfold toward our potentials and experience of wholeness. Healing We value growth toward well-being as the right of every person and an essential part of creating a world of peace and love. Transparency We value truthfulness and openness in all interactions and processes because keeping things hidden results in fear and isolation. Living Yoga We value the application of yogic concepts in all aspects of life as yoga’s most powerful offering
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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