Molly Lannon Kenny

I help people who help people.

Thanks for finding me now. What a strange and uncertain time we are in. I am here for you, offering a series of both free and paid course content and facilitated discussions. See options below for opportunities to connect. You are not alone. 

“Wherever is there is great suffering, this is also great love.”
~ Father Richard Rohr

People have asked me where they can send a donation to support these offerings. Please consider helping me to build La Ermita, a place for community support and connection. 

Individual on-line courses and content.

These include both free and paid content, ranging from conversations on regulation of the nervous system, to the practice of Lectio Divina, to introduction to Bedside Yoga, and Yoga as a Mystic Tradition.

Practicing in the Curve – Spritual Life in Practice

In this series of free sixty minute sessions, we will look at the current global crisis through the lens of basic tenets of principled living, according to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra and other mystic and contemplative practices.

Mon, Weds and Fridays.

Bedside Yoga – conversations on death, dying and collective care

Join me for a weekly free public conversation on love and loss and change. It’s always time to have these conversations but maybe now feels even more relevant for folks who are less used to leaning in here.

Molly Lannon Kenny is a teacher, therapist, and writer who has dedicated her life to the collective reclamation and liberation of the human spirit.

She believes in the inherent worthiness of all beings and uses her passion, knowledge and experience to inspire collective care and well-being. Molly works with individuals and organizations across a vast array of challenges from autism to stroke, from childhood sexual trauma to end of life care and grief processing, from compassion fatigue to community building, from anxiety and depression to existential and spiritual crises.

Molly has spent the last twenty years creating communities, programs and opportunities for fostering individual transformation as a means to radical social change.

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